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WWW bad need of Revamping

WWW bad need of Revamping

Obama continues on a road of no return, doing more damage to America and continuing exhibiting doctoral use of power against the American people without doing anything to protect Americans from being hacked. I wonder when I see 17 intelligent agencies saying these stupid comments in the news, that they must have hired the worst from industry or they are all political hacks themselves more than cyber security specialist. It’s not just the web but also more federal control of lands he has never seen. All of this hype is just to make Trumps transition a failure. Totally un-American. Tell me that the liberal didn’t want to take over with dictator Hillary Clinton. As to the Web, with all the hype out of the administration, no one said that the Wikileaks are lies. They are not. The democrats process for winning elections was open to all to judge. The issue of cyber security is an old issue that this administration provided no protection to the American people and the Social media gods are in bed with the Obama administration against Americans.


Today we witness the Obama administration feeble attempt to address Cyber Security in America and blame it all on the Trump and the Russians. I have been in this business since Al Gore invented the internet. The problem is the WWW, the world-wide web, an idea started by Al Gore to usher in the new world order. Then it has been manifested to fill the pockets of the social media networks and search engine gods. We know that the Obama administration has had many meeting with social medias and search engine gods on a regular basis meeting with them more than any dignitary in the world. This was all to promote each’s well-being over the american people, security and well-being of this nation. Antitrust regulations have been waved on all these companies as the have been busy making money distributing american asset around the world. When one looks back at the noble goals of the WWW, we could never imagine the criminal intent that was waiting to happen. Or could we.

A blind eye was promoted first by the liberal parties, then by the government and now by both the government and the Social media giants and search engine gods. Let the criminals do their thing while we get rich. There has been no improvement in cyber security by this president or any other president. Many people in America have suffered losses, with the government response being null to the extent that pay-up to get your life back unless your Sony or some other big name.

WWW needs an Overhaul from The_Donald

Once again, Obama has made a critical american problem into a political ping pong ball or reality show and has done nothing for cyber security. We all in the internet world have been waiting for some real change that allows american to have safe and free internet. But Obama’s blindness to what is really needed is obvious. I hope Trump can be objective on this and make a safe and free network for American. Protect the borders in the internet.

We talk all day about securing different asset in america, like the Grid, waterways, banks, and many other things but no one is talking about updating the internet, the underlying cause for all these issues. We need to have true cyber security. And not placing the cost on webmasters and small by doing SSL. We need to rethink the WWW to be the American web if Obama hasn’t given it all away.


Finally my request to the new President, for me the only president.

Mr President Elect I hope you examine this issue of a borderless internet. We need to control our internet borders with proper gateways just like you want to do with our physical borders. The internet leads directly into every american home and needs to be safe. Please make the internet free to small american business. The search engine gods and Big social media control everything these days much like the mafia did in the early last century. Obama painted this political line of useless bull against you, but the openness of internet is an ongoing problem that hurts every american. Check out my website for more…


Does WWW need Overhauling?
  • Can the internet be improved for USA


Must everything be politisized by Obama and the dems. Can he really do something for the America people. As an example, Obamacare has crippled more americans than it helped and cost plus loss of choice has made it the worst law ever past. The Democrats promised the best health care and we got the worst. When will we Americans get a positive policy that really helps all Americans. My hope is that obamacare dies hard so we can get pass the lies that made this law pass. This is the worst example how not to pass laws that effect every American.
Now once again he had an opportunity to stop American from being hacked and instead he used it to demogod Trump and Blame the Russian. Russian is only one of the players of the many hackers and the internet is in every Americans home. He could have chosen to protect Americans from hacking.

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