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What is Ring up to


Lawmakers are seeking answers from Amazon about Ring’s partnerships with police, citing contradictions between its public statements and terms of service.

Excellent Article from Townhall then Business Insider

  • The House oversight committee sent a letter to Amazon on Wednesday seeking answers about how its Ring home-security service partners with police departments.
  • Ring has partnered with hundreds of police departments nationwide, providing tools for police to request footage from Ring cameras in the area of suspected crimes.
  • Ring has said it only hands over user data to police when required by law, but lawmakers say its terms of service appear to contradict that promise.
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A Ring spokesperson told Business Insider the company is reviewing the letter and intends to respond, but did not comment further.

The letter also seeks information about Ring’s security practices in the wake of a series of Ring speakers that were hacked using stolen passwords in recent months. Ring rolled out a slate of new security features this week, including the requirement that all customers use two-factor authentication going forward.


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