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Googlehacking Google search Commands This are commands to use when in google search especially when google does like your site and a general search shows nothing. site: define: filetypes: intitle: author: Ctrl F to find ~ related “” exact “name only” – exclude .. between 2..10 Attribute to with this graphic and info. So […]

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Time for new search engines

Time for new search engines to provide conservative business legitimate advertising! Google, Facebook, Apple, Instagram and Twitter are colluding against conservatives to control the election. This is not new to me. The rules that Google implemented in the last few years were to discriminate against anyone not using there methods. Clearly this removed the freedom of […]

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Gods of Internet Destroys Websites

Gods of Internet Destroys Websites and ruin Freedom of the Internet! I honestly think certs and secured hosting (https) ought to be provided by search engines to hosting companies when you register your domain with them. They ought to give us something for using our data to further their wealth.

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Social Media #deepstate

I have been writing about this for several years. I called it the 4th Branch of Government in the Obama years.

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