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Today after 40 years in the high tech industry, I am throwing in my hat. Google with its 900 rules of what a website should be and Facebook after 10 years still doesn’t like integrating business into its gossip platform. A survey in England said 65% of businesses think Facebook is a waste of money. I tend to agree with that.

I hope the future brings us something much better than Google and Facebook that now control much of what happens on the Internet. Google ‘s PPC is very costly for small business and its rules control what websites should look like, is crap.

And the biggest problem is the force behind WWW to keep the internet open to the world. The criminals love this mentality. They are having a field day raping businesses, banks, schools and local governments daily. Our Government needs to take control of our access and protect the American people. Today governments response is to pay the thieves.

Damn, Al Gore built the WWW and America needs to control our nations part of this access . The others need to get a green card with a traceable ID. The technology has been there for this all to happen for many years.

Wake up America! Check out America in 2020 or more.


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