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IP Block on My Sites

IP Block on My Sites

Blocked IPs

I have been using a new block method that is great offer by, Bluehost and Hostclear. For several years I have asked for country filtering because many of my hosting accounts are to USA customers. Well they did second best- block by IP. I monitor all traffic using Wordfence. I also use the tools that WordPress with Jetpack provides. These all are great tools. When I see bad traffic or hackers, I add them to my list. Below, I listed the blocks I am currently using with most of my sites. It has made a world of difference in bad comments and hacking attempts.

Godaddy, Hostclear and Bluehost List

Below is a part of a day of traffic that was blocked. Just click photo to see details.

hacker list for one day
hacker list for one day

Server Setting Beginning IP  ▾ Ending IP


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