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Blame the world for UScyber

The dems blaming the world for stupidity in Internet management.

The news today is the USA security teams blame the world for bad use of the Internet. Today they are blaming the Russian, yesterday it was China, the day before it was North Korea. How stupid are we? We designed the internet. Or should I say Al gore did. When are we going to take responsibility for this internet we designed. All this hot air from the media and the democrats will do nothing to the problem at hand. Americans are being taken by this internet daily and our government does nothing.

Dems cryiny about Russia
Dems cryiny about Russia

What we need to is be responsible and design an internet that protects Americans. But the media and the current administration are crying about Russia.  I have never seen so many babies in my life. Fix the internet. It can be fixed. I have been involved in many aspects of the Internet over my career. Its time to get it right,  The WWW as it is, is a joke. Stop making social media rich and protect Americans.

I hope this wakes up somebody, but I don’t think that will happen. The search engines are in a habit of limiting anyone from seeing my sites. I have been blogging for many years and the last 3 years you must pay the trolls to get notice. There are more rules to keep the rich, rich. We need established laws to protect all US internet users. We need the constitution applied to the US Internet. Google, Facebook and Microsoft control us peasants and make millions on our data. They give nothing back except cyber bulling

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Dan Frantz

Will America Fix the Internet or continue crying and Blaming the World
  • Do you think big media and search engine gods are cyber bullies?
  • Are the Dems crying uncle?


I think we will wake up in time because we have an administration (Trump) that does care about Americans. Our internet needs a multi-layer borders and gateways that keep the rif-raf out. We need laws that make all American equal on the internet. Today the search engine gods and social media mogals control what we see and what we think. And we need laws for internal misue of the internet. I am hoping the Trump Admin will realize that all we see and do is controlled by Big Media and Search Engine Gods.

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