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Day: November 25, 2017

Networking Link

Below is a summary of networking made simple. I hope it helps you to understand networking better. With most operating systems, the lower OSI layers of physical medium data link with MAC address, network with IP address, and transport with TCP or UDP, and will be understood by both devices.

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DNS works

DNS Link

If a customer is trying to access your website and types in your address – for this example, we’ll say it’s – the browser and operating system quickly perform an internal audit to see if that computer has recently visited your website (IP address), and therefore has that website address in its cache (memory).

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White House link

Cybersecurity of Federal Networks

Presidential Executive Order on Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure

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Blame the world for UScyber

What we need to is be responsible and design an internet that protects Americans. But the big media, and search engine cyber bullies, are crying about Russia.  I have never seen so many cry babies in my life.

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America First -USAWEB

US Needs Unbiased National Database

USA Needs an Unbiased Searchable National Database. We in America have found the big media searchable databases do not follow American values.

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2016 State of Application Security: Skills, Configurations and Components7

Sans help

A fully integrated AppSec program can reap benefits in overall security posture and IR capabilities.

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Googlehacking Google search Commands This are commands to use when in google search especially when google does like your site and a general search shows nothing. site: define: filetypes: intitle: author: Ctrl F to find ~ related “” exact “name only” – exclude .. between 2..10 Attribute to with this graphic and info. So […]

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Angry American

Trump says Political Witchhunt

The cyber security is an ongoing problem that caught the politicians with their pants down all the way around. They need to address the internet issues to protect American and provide a fair and equal internet for all Americans.

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WWW bad need of Revamping

We talk all day about securing different asset in america, like the Grid, waterways, banks, and many other things but no one is talking about updating the internet, the underlying cause for all these issues. We need to have true cyber security.

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Angry American

Search and Social- 4th Branch of Government

I hope Trump place a balance on these entities so we all can benefit. After this election, we all know there is a bias towards profit far beyond our imagination. Government must be involved more forcefully.

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IP Block on My Sites

For several years I have asked for country filtering because many of my hosting accounts are to USA customers. Well they did second best- block by IP.

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Obama's Yard Sale

SSL Good and Bad

SSL is like a driver’s license or a passport to the world. Each person or company ought to be issued that license. And since this is the heart of security and a license. SSL should not be distributed by profiteering companies like Norton charging thousand dollars for so-called insurance. ‘

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