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Day: October 4, 2017

Social media Taking over hosting and us!

These companies cried keep internet open and free. Two things happened. American Lost much of its value to the world. And these social giants control the internet and as we see today they control USA elections by filtering.

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Ted Cruz fighting Obama on Internet Hand off

Cruz’s “Protecting Internet Freedom Act” would direct the Department of Commerce to retain ownership of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.

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Obama's Yard Sale

America losing control of the Internet

The Department of Commerce is set to hand off the final vestiges of American control over the Internet to international authorities in less than two months, officials have confirmed.

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Cyber Threat Source Descriptions

Traditional terrorist adversaries of the U.S., despite their intentions to damage U.S. interests, are less developed in their computer network capabilities and propensity to pursue cyber means than are other types of adversaries.

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Time for new search engines

Time for new search engines to provide conservative business legitimate advertising! Google, Facebook, Apple, Instagram and Twitter are colluding against conservatives to control the election. This is not new to me. The rules that Google implemented in the last few years were to discriminate against anyone not using there methods. Clearly this removed the freedom of […]

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Ideas to Secure Internet Borders

These some ideas I am putting together. Some have been looked at in the past. Most have been thrown our by lobbyist not wanting change to protect gain and people promoting a world with not borders. Today, every website in America is swamped by traffic from outside the USA. Search Engine bot from Russia, China, and other unscrupulous countries trying to find holes in a website, so that they can take control of it.

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New Friendly Search Engine

Damn, Al Gore built the WWW and America needs to control our nations part of this access . The others need to get a green card with a traceable ID. The technology has been there for this all to happen for many years.

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Gods of Internet Destroys Websites

Gods of Internet Destroys Websites and ruin Freedom of the Internet! I honestly think certs and secured hosting (https) ought to be provided by search engines to hosting companies when you register your domain with them. They ought to give us something for using our data to further their wealth.

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